Jim Flautt

Jim Flautt is Senior Vice President of Asurion’s Technology and Logistic Center. Prior to this, Mr. Flautt led the program management teams for Asurion’s Handset Insurance (HI), Warranty Management (WM), Roadside Assistance (RA) and optimization of the company’s Reverse Logistics and Repair capabilities. Mr. Flautt joined Asurion from DigitalThink, a Silicon Valley technology company where he held business development, business strategy and product management responsibilities, most recently as Vice President of Marketing. In addition, Mr. Flautt has served as a strategy and management consultant for a wide range of technology and industrial companies with McKinsey and Co. Mr. Flautt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the United States Naval Academy, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Philosophy from Cambridge University and an MBA from Stanford University. Mr. Flautt served five years in the US Navy as a Nuclear Engineer.

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