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The Limestone Fund was founded to leverage the experiences of Joe Cook, Jr., Byron Smith, Joe Cook, III, and Steve Singleton in building companies within the areas of Life Sciences and Consumer Technology.  For many years, the founders of Limestone Fund have been involved in several successful ventures in these investment areas.  See the “Skyline Fund” page for a listing of many of these ventures.

In November 2009, the Limestone Fund was chosen to receive a tax credit allocation under the TNInvestco program of the State of Tennessee. The aim of the program is to cause capital to be invested in Tennessee companies, thereby encouraging job growth and economic development. Consistent with the State’s goals, the Limestone team is committed to the vision of finding, funding and nurturing companies that will be transformational and create a base of sustainable high-paying jobs for Tennesseans. The TNInvestco program created an opportunity for the Limestone founders to focus their investment efforts on developing companies in Tennessee.

Further, Limestone Fund is collaborating with Hatteras Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in Research Triangle Park, NC. The strategic co-investor relationship with Hatteras will offer the Limestone Fund access to an even broader network of ideas, connections and capital as it pursues the goal of building a stronger economic base in Tennessee.

Limestone Fund companies:

ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc. develops Biomarker Generator to provide researchers and clinicians on demand access to PET biomarkers. The Biomarker Generator is a small, simple, efficient mini-cyclotron isotope generator with integrated microchemistry and automated quality control to deliver PET biomarkers at the push of a button.
Device Innovation Group’s (“DIG”) mission is to develop early stage medical devices that fulfill unmet clinical needs and under served markets that are often overlooked by larger investment firms. The Company incorporates a “fail fast” philosophy and a strategy of rapid advancement, welcoming new innovation from various sources including universities, hospitals and entrepreneurs. Currently DIG is advancing three novel products through the development process.
Diabetes Care Group’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life of individuals with diabetes – by providing results-driven diabetes treatment and management and by empowering patients to become part of the solution. Its proprietary business and care model is built on more than a decade of research and documented results delivering improved outcomes and reducing the cost of care in the most challenging diabetes patients.
Diagnovus, LLC is a molecular diagnostics company targeting rare forms of cancer, including pediatric cancers. Diagnovus is dedicated to developing diagnostic tests that will better inform physicians, payers, patients and families facing these difficult disease prospects. Initially Diagnovus is concentrating its business model on pediatric cancer opportunities.
Industrial Ceramic Solutions (“ICS”) is a product development company that applies state-of-the-art materials and their equipment support systems to improve industrial and commercial product / production cost and performance in the areas of high-temperature filtration. The ICS technology employs advanced ceramic materials in filtration systems uniquely suited to very challenging markets.
Just A Pinch Recipe Club ( is a fast-growing online community for hometown cooks and recipe enthusiasts. The site combines user-generated recipes with social media features to create an engaging experience for its target audience – primarily female head-of-household cooks. Dan Hammond, a successful news media CEO, launched Just A Pinch in April of 2010.
MedCenter Display installs digital health networks in hospitals (and other provider settings). This network is displayed on 48” flat panel TV screens in high wait-time and high traffic areas. The screens communicate basic health information to patients and their families and allow local businesses to sponsor and promote themselves.
NuMeta Sciences, Inc. discovers anti-obesity and metabolic health activity in food compounds, develops new intellectual property from those discoveries, and creates products with anti-obesity and metabolic health properties for multiple target demographics. Innutria™ is a specific blend of naturally occurring nutrients that when added to foods or beverages delivers powerful metabolic health benefits. The first products from this science are expected to be in market Q1 2012.
OnFocus Healthcare enables hospitals and other healthcare organizations to achieve and sustain maximum performance and improved results across financial, clinical and operational areas of their business through the use of our state-of-the-art healthcare strategic and operational performance management software and advisory services.
Pathfinder Therapeutics, Inc. is the developer of ExplorerTM, an image-guided “GPS” device that enables physicians to accurately and efficiently guide the delivery of cancer therapeutics (usually resection and/or ablation) in soft-tissue organs. ExplorerTM is the first medical device cleared by the FDA in the category of Intraoperative Soft Tissue Tracking. The company also offers ScoutTM, an advanced 3D surgical planning software that provides highly detailed visual and volumetric information for preoperative assessment.
Streamweaver is a software company that launched an enterprise-proven video platform (3 million end users) for consumers to capture, preserve, and heighten video and meta-data content. Users will enjoy an integrated experience across mobile devices, tablets, web, and desktop in a highly differentiated and engaging manner. Streamweaver launched in the iTunes store on 9/25/2012. Click here to download Streamweaver.
SwingPal is a proprietary online golf lesson platform that connects golfers and instructors over the web and via mobile devices. Users record their swings with a smart phone, upload their videos instantly to a SwingPal account, and receive detailed and annotated video and audio analysis from a golf pro, as well as additional instructional videos.
VenX has developed a patented, 510K approved device to aid physicians in the treatment of spider veins. The VenX Revolution uses a new technology termed “nanophlebectomy” in which a handheld disposable device treats and eliminates spider and reticular veins in a transdermal fashion similar to the phlebectomy technique commonly utilized for larger diameter, visibly raised varicose veins.

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