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MGC Venture Partners 2013, LP (the “Fund”) is a fund that seeks to invest in seed and early stage companies focused on two major sectors: Life Sciences and Technology. Within the Life Sciences sector, the Fund primarily focuses on investments in the diagnostics, medical device, and nutraceuticals & expedited drug development sub-sectors. Within the Technology sector, the Fund has a concentration in healthcare technology, business services and consumer technology companies.

MGC Venture Partners 2013, LP Companies:

Aspire Health Inc. (“Aspire Health”) is a new healthcare company that specializes in providing an extra layer of support to patients facing a serious illness. Aspire’s clinicians are experts in providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious illness; helping patients and caregivers navigate the healthcare system; guiding patients and caregivers through difficult and complex treatment choices and providing emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.
Castle Biosciences, Inc. (“Castle”) is focused on developing and commercializing molecular diagnostics to aid health care professionals in assessing types and sub-types of tumors. Products focus on differentiating tumor types at the molecular level using various means of analyzing and comparing components of DNA.
Cerebrotech Medical Systems Inc. (“Cerebrotech”) has developed a non-invasive, continuous monitor for early detection of cerebral fluid change (primarily edema or bleeding) that can occur in a number of neurologic conditions, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, post brain surgery, etc.
Founded in 2012, Clearside Biomedical, Inc. (“Clearside”) is an ophthalmic company specializing in the research, development and commercialization of therapeutic products delivered through a proprietary microinjection platform that targets the suprachoroidal space in the region of the eye.
Diabetes Care Group, Inc. (“DCG”) is a healthcare services firm focused on treating diabetes through a proprietary, proven clinical delivery model that aids patients in controlling A1c levels.  It’s a Fee-for-Results model that uses subscription-based and results-based bonuses, which allow patients to take advantage of services, such as nutritional counseling, that are typically not reimbursable under most healthcare plans.  Since its founding in 2009, DCG has been organizing ideas around bringing diabetes medical management together with intensive, focused diabetes education in one location.
Diagnovus, LLC (“Diagnovus”) is focused on developing and commercializing molecular diagnostics to aid health care professionals in assessing types and sub-types of tumors. Products focus on differentiating tumor types at the molecular level using various means of analyzing and comparing components of DNA.
G1 Therapeutics (“G1″) is a clinical-stage company developing small-molecule therapies to address significant unmet needs in oncology. The company is leveraging its proprietary kinase drug discovery platform to advance a pipeline of first-in-class compounds and best-in-class drug candidates.
MedCenterDisplay, LLC’s (“MCD”) primary service is to install and own digital health networks in hospitals (and other provider settings).  This network is displayed on 48” flat panel TV screens in high wait-time and high traffic areas. The purpose of the screens in a hospital is twofold: 1) to communicate basic health information to their patients and patients’ families, 2) to allow local businesses to sponsor and promote themselves.
Myomo, Inc. (“Myomo”) is a medical device company that has developed a custom myoelectric elbow orthotic device, enabling individuals afflicted with stroke and other neuromuscular conditions to self-initiate and control movement of a partially paralyzed arm using their own muscle signals.
NeuroTronik Limited (“NeuroTronik”) is a medical device company focused on providing hemodynamic management of patients who are admitted with acute heart failure syndrome (“AHFS”).  The NeuroTronik technology utilizes a patented intravascular electrode system capable of selectively stimulating parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves simultaneously or in a preferred cadence.  NeuroTronik believes this approach may provide the treating physician with a much improved choice for bringing an admitted AHFS patient to a more stable hemodynamic condition without the need for surgical intervention.  The NeuroTronik technology has been shown in animal models to provide immediate and controlled management of heart rate and blood pressure.
NuSirt Sciences, Inc. (“NuSirt”) is a biotechnology company focused on developing products targeting metabolic diseases associated with over-nutrition such as: obesity, diabetes, and inflammatory stress. NuSirt has filed eleven patent applications (two of which have been issued) and completed four clinical and numerous pre-clinical studies based on the patented technologies.
Cyber Physical Systems (“splitsecnd”) is a consumer product development and service company based in Nashville, TN.  The Company develops telematics devices and associated applications that allow consumers and their loved ones to easily upgrade the safety of their vehicles, giving them peace of mind while driving; this is currently only enjoyed by a fraction of the driving public.  The Company currently has a wireless device that plugs into any automobile’s 12-volt adapter and detects collisions.  In the event of an accident, the device automatically contacts a Company-operated call center for dispatch of local emergency authorities.  The device features a speaker and microphone for two-way communication and also has GPS integration so the location of emergencies is immediately known.  In addition to the automatic crash detection, the device has a panic button that allows drivers to reach out for help during emergencies that don’t involve a crash.

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